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Did you know that 57 Million children around the world live without access to even a basic education? Let's change that together--one village at a time.

57 million children around the world are not attending primary school, 43% of those children live in Africa. The vast majority of the children, women, and men in Africa are living in absolute poverty with no hope of uplifting themselves, or their communities out of poverty, without our support. 

But here's the thing. We can change this!
You and I know the power of what an education makes possible.
We also know the power of community!
Together, we can play a part in solving this problem.

Join us in sponsoring a village in rural Kenya. By sponsoring a village, we'll provide an education and a daily nutritious meal for 70 children as well as access to clean water, sanitation, and healthcare for a village of 350 people.  In addition, the parents will receive training to earn an income so the project is self-sustaining.

If everybody does a little bit, we'll get this handled!
Let's tap into the power of our community and transform the lives of 350 family members FOREVER.

Education has been proven to yield a larger impact than ANY other form of help or aid we can give.  It improves health, income, promotes gender equality, and reduces overall poverty.

Together our collective efforts will build and furnish a school house and give an entire community access to clean water, sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare and alternative income training for the parents.

We are on this journey and looking for your support to help us make a difference in the lives of children that are looking for an education!

You can be the change!
Make a donation today.
Educate children, change lives and make the world a better place.  Are you in?

Blessings & Love,

Stella and Natalie

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Right now, in a village in the heart of Kenya, there’s a family waiting for their daughter to have a chance to go to school. And, they're still waiting.

Here's why...